Sunday, June 7, 2009

More puppy pict!


We went to my sister-in-law Susie's house yesterday. Her dog Daisy a mastiff just had puppies they are so cute. They are still pretty small but the kids had fun holding them, Jack wasn't to sure at first. We told him to hold them under their bums and he said "where are their bums"? It was pretty funny. We had hamburgers and made smores. We thought it would be too windy but the weather was perfect, a little breezy and cloudy. It was a nice day to spend with family!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More museum picts!

Tucson Children's Museum!

So we went to Tucson today and met up with a old friend who I haven't seen since before I was married. She has 5 kids and with my 4 we had quite the group. The kids ran around and had a good time. Brig thought the plastic pizza was real and kept trying to eat it (grossed me out all the germs). Then we had lunch on the picnic tables outside the museum, thankfully it was covered or we would have had a heat stroke. I am exhausted now and glad to be home!