Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Boy!

Brig is finally saying ma ma and it is so cute. He just says it over and over. Sometimes I wish they could stay this age forever. He is so happy to see everyone new and when the girls and Nathan come home he crawls over to the door and smiles from ear to ear. I love it, he is such a sweet happy boy and now that his 2 top teeth are finally coming in he is finally over the whinny teething, for a while anyway.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More pict!

North Carolina!

Well the boys and I went to N.C last week . On the way out there Brig cried most of the flight off and on, was not fun. Jack did great and was a trooper, he looked so cute carrying his backpack and following me around the airport. I felt bad his backpack was pretty heavy, I asked him if he could run with it on and he said no. We missed our connecting flight so had to wait around for another hour for the next one. My aunt and uncle were there to pick us up. We mostly hung out at her house and did some shopping. It was hard for Brig to get adjusted to the 3 hour time change, so he was crabby and also teething. Jack had fun playing around the house. We went to the mall and he rode on the carousel which he loved. Nathan and the girls had a fun time without me and went out to dinner and to sonic for shakes and also to the cove to swim. Thankfully on the way home Brig slept most of the flight and the lady next to me held him a bit and didn't mind at all. I love going to visit my aunt and uncle they are such wonderful , giving people. When I got home there was a huge banner saying "we missed you" with a huge airplane and us in it, it was very cute. I am glad to be home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No camera!

So something funky is going on with my camera, it wont focus right, so needless to say I am cameraless for the time being. Brig has been doing the army wounded soilder crawl for a while and just yesterday started to crawl normal. He looks so cute doing it, I so want my camera to take a picture of him, hopefully we can figure it out soon. I am getting ready to go to N.C next week to visit my aunt. I am only taking Jack and Brig, I hope all goes well on the plane and that Brig will acually sleep a little. Jack is so excited to ride on the plane I think he will be fine. It will be a long day but I am looking forward to seeing my wonderful aunt.