Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm the Pearl Girl.You may know me from my blog Extinct Stinks. I am Linda's daughter. I am (almost) 10 years old. I will be posting here from now on. 

P.S. My name is Emma if you don't know my name. :-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jack preschool grad!

Jack's preschool grad!

Jack graduated from preschool a couple weeks ago. They had a cute ceremony and some yummy food. The kids sang song's and talked about their favorite things. Holly has been such a wonderful teacher for Jack and he has learned so much. I can't believe he will start kindergarden in the fall. I love my Jack!


We went to phx, this past week and stayed with my parents for a few days. Nathan stayed home to work. We went to a waterpark on thurs and the kids had lots of fun, that evening we went to Culver's for custard, my fave. Then on friday we went to see Shrek forever, it was fun. Friday night we had a barbeque with my sister and her kids and my niece. We had a fun week of lots of swimming and good food. I even snuck in a little shopping and bought 2 pair of shoes. Thanks mom and dad for a fun week, we love you!

Jack and Jackie leave on a mission to Germany!

Nathan's dad and stepmom left on a mission to Germany about 3 weeks ago. We got together the night before and had dinner and said goodbye's. Brenna gets sad everytime we talk about it, we will miss them but they will have a wonderful time!

Makin pizza's at friends!

So we went to our friends house and she made personal pizza dough for everyone and we made our own pizza's . Then we made snow cones, and the kids swan in the little pool. It was a fun evening, thanks Georgeanne, Stan and Wesley! Emma was at a carnival with a friend, so that is why she is MIA.