Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay so those of you that know me, know I hate exercising. Well I am finally getting up every morning and walking. My friend Alish and I meet and go together. I am so proud of myself. I hate to get up but I always feel better afterwards. Now I have to work on lifting my free weights so I can get toned on my arms. Those new shoes I bought months ago to walk in are finally getting some use. Hopefully I can keep it up. Thanks Alish for motivating me!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nothing much!

Not much has been going on lately besides the usual school, work and meetings with Nathan. Nathan has been fighting a cold and stayed home 2 days last week, that is a miracle in itself. He never stays home. The girls are enjoying school, Brenna acts as if she has been in school all along. I am glad they are doing well. I think Jack is getting used to Brenna being gone although every day they get on the bus he says , I miss the girls. It is pretty cute. I am getting my hair done tomorrow which it is desprately in need of, it has been a while. I seem to be finding more and more grays and I am not thrilled about it. This week should be good hopefully more exciting stuff to write about later.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st day of School!

Well today is the 1st day of school, I don't think I have seen Brenna so excited about something for a while. She was so ready to leave all morning. I took Emma and Brenna to school, Jack had to have his lunch bag also. As soon as we got to school Emma said see ya, she is a old pro now 3rd grade. She ran off. We stayed with Brenna until the bell rang and then all the parents followed behind the kindergarden classes until they reached the classrooms. She didn't cry at all, I am glad I was a little worried about her. I hope she has a fun day and meets lots of friends. Now to keep Jack busy until they get home. It is already so quiet in the house, not used to it but I like it.

Fun filled Sat.

Lots of family came in town on Saturday for Emma's baptism. It was so neat to have Nathan be able to do that. After the baptism we went back to my parents house and had my mom's yummy pulled pork sandwiches, great potato salad and a awsome cake. Emma had said she wanted a cake with flowers and butterflies that were in a meadow and Lisa did just that, it was beautiful. We had a good time just hanging around and eating. Emma opened some presents, and then we had cake. We were so glad to have alot of family able to come and support Emma. It was a special day.