Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catch up!

It the begining of June we went with my parents across country to meet some distant cousins. We drove in their big van which the kids call Big Bertha. We went to Braum's Ice Cream a lot, it was so yummy. Went to Graceland and toured Elvis' mansion then headed to meet the cousins. We toured Shiloh battlefield and saw the spots where the battle took place. It was neat to finally meet our cousins, I was the only one who hadn't met them and my dad wanted to take me. My brother Steven and his kids drove also, it was nice to have them along.We went to Abe's grill the last morning for breakfast and had the best bisquits ever. We toured Braum's factory Plant on the way home and got free ice cream, wish we had it out here, it was delish. The kids did great on the trip other than the last 2 days on the way home we were ready to get out of the car. I appreciate my dad for wanting me to know where our heritage comes from and enjoyed the trip and spending time with family.


Rachel S. Smith said...

Love the photos! You all look great! Your Dad still looks the same to me! How fun that your brother could be there! He's your dads mini me! Glad it was memorable and fun!